Lexmark teams up with iHubbub to support and connect with small business and home-based workers

Lexmark has linked up with iHubbub, who has just launched the UK’s first social network for small business and home workers and after only a few weeks their membership is expected to reach 40,000. Lexmark is aiming to build on its strategy to support small businesses and home-based and remote workers through a series of initiatives, promotions and interactive content.

This working relationship will allow Lexmark to communicate with small businesses and home-based and remote workers via quarterly e-newsletters, regular polls, training webinars, sharing video content, posting key messages of advice and information in members’ My Account areas, and direct responses to members’ posts on printing and industry topics.

iHubbub provides home-based and remote workers and business start-ups with a central resource and business directory, where they can access useful information, and share relevant skills, experience and opportunities as part of an online business community.

The iHubbub online community is packed full of information and advice, as well as job opportunities, plus the means of interacting with other like-minded individuals. Here they can share ideas on how to minimise challenges and maximise the opportunities they confront as remote workers, virtual freelance consultants, home workers or home-based businesses.

Lexmark will also be able to demonstrate how their products, solutions and services can help small businesses and home-based and remote workers to produce their best work andincrease their overall productivity.

Gary Bourland, country general manager for Lexmark UK & Ireland, said: “More and more businesses are relying on remote workers, so it’s an opportune time for us to become better connected with this kind of employee. Our interactive partnership with iHubbub is a great opportunity for us to interact with those interested and involved in the rapidly emerging new world of work.”

“The partnership also enables us to further establish ourselves as a leading brand for small and home businesses, and allows us to build on this through further interaction with such a large social network of flexible and remote workers. Through the partnership, we will also be offering members exclusive deals to support their businesses and look forward to engaging with members of the community about the issues, trends and opportunities they encounter during their busy working schedules.”

The Lexmark page on the iHubbub website can be viewed at www.ihubbub.com/lexmark.


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