Nick Clegg has lost the plot with his ‘social mobility strategy’

Dumbing down university entry grades for pupils from state schools will exacerbate social divisions and do nothing to aid youth unemployment according to Davies.

In a speech to the educational charity the Sutton Trust the Deputy Prime Minister will say today that reducing entry grades for state school pupils will create ‘a fair race’ for degrees at Britain’s top universities.

Mr Clegg will say that British society is too closed and that ‘a large number of professions remain dominated by a small section of society’.

“Clegg’s lost the plot this time. It’s the Nanny State gone crazy,” continued Davies.

“We have spent decades trying to build a fair-for-all meritocracy in Britain this would blow the whole thing out of the water.”

“Working class kids would always know that their qualifications were second-rate and their contemporaries would treat them as second-class students,” said Mr Davies – who was an investment banker before creating

Will Davies is a long-time champion of the old fashioned apprentice system where companies train youngsters in the skills they need to make them employable. have instigated a series of ‘unemployed boot camps’ which give youngsters an opportunity to demonstrate their willingness to work and personal motivation.

“It is all too easy for young people to hide behind the unemployment statistics and say I can’t work. The individuals who impress at our boot camps are rewarded with real, full-time, paid apprenticeships that will equip them for a life in work,” said Mr Davies

“Telling youngsters at eighteen that they cannot compete with their peers and we are going to make everything easy for them will only make the youth unemployment problem worse in the long run,” he said


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